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Lawn Service Arlington TX

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    Lawn care isn't just our business – it is our passion. We, Danz Green Lawn love what we do and it shows in the painstaking care and attention to detail we put into the services we provide to our customers. Not only we offers assistance with general lawn care service, we also provide lawn fertilization services, pest control and weed removal service to improve lawn's health and resilience. If you're looking for ways to improve your Arlington grass and lawns, we also offer the seeding and aeration services that can be the answer to your problems. Whatever lawn related services needs you have, our team of professional can definitely help. We are the leading lawn service compnay in Arlington TX. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our experts.

    About Us

    Danz Green Lawn is one of the top lawn services in the business, with years of experience providing our area with the high quality care that it deserves.  From general lawn care in Arlington, to seeding and aeration, to lawn mower repair in Arlington, we are the full service team that get the job done.  Applying years of on the job experience to deliver fuller and healthier lawns, our experts have the knowledge and equipment to care for lawns of all sizes.  Whether you have a small home lawn or a sprawling property, we know the best methods and techniques to deliver healthier grass year round.


    As one of the top lawn services in Arlington, we are happy to provide the full range of services that you need to better care for your outdoor areas.  Our lawn mowers in Arlington, TX provide the lawn care services that ensure your lawn looks its best on a daily basis.  Providing lawn fertilization, seeding and aeration we get deep into the soil to improve root health and encourage thicker growth.  Similarly, our soil enrichment works on various areas of your property to infuse more nutrients into your land.  And with our lawn pest control we get rid of unwanted intruders that contaminate your property.  From lawn care in Arlington, TX to tree and shrub services, we are the lawn service you can trust with your outdoor areas.

    professional lawn care services

    Lawn Care Services

    As a local business providing lawn services in Arlington, TX, we are here with everything you need to have your lawn look better on a regular basis.  From lawn mowing in Arlington, TX to edging and trimming your lawn with the detail oriented service that we’re known for, you’ll see the numerous benefits of working with our team.  Scheduling service at times and frequencies that work best for you, we are here to save you time and money with our affordable services.

    professional lawn fertilization service

    Lawn Fertilization

    As part of our lawn maintenance in Arlington, TX we provide the professional lawn fertilization that helps to encourage stronger growth for your grass.  Customizing our processes to the needs of your individual property, we do everything from soil assessment to applying the high quality products that gives your lawn the nutrients that it needs.  With our Arlington lawn care you’ll see your grass growing thicker and healthier, with an overall improved appearance that you and your visitors will love.

    “Danz Green Lawn has been taking care of our lawn for the last year and we couldn’t be happier with their services!  They provided us with a custom consultation and came up with a plan for our lawn care that guarantees our lawn is cared for on a regular basis.  I would highly recommend them!” – Gloria P

    Tree and Shrub Care

    Not only providing lawn maintenance in Arlington, we also perform the tree and shrub care that ensures the health of the foliage on your property.  Our expert landscaping in Arlington, TX provides care for a range of species of trees and shrubs, helping them grow stronger and fuller.  Including pruning and trimming that creates an immaculately manicured appearance while removing unwanted branches, we help enhance your enjoyment of the outdoor areas on your property.

    professional tree and shrub care

    Seeding and Aeration

    If you’re looking for ways to improve your Arlington grass and lawns, we have the seeding and aeration services that can be the answer to your problems.  These processes are designed to help improve your lawn health by perforating your lawn thereby allowing better access for the water and air that helps it grow stronger and healthier.  Using high quality products and professional equipment, we help to stimulate better lawn growth on your property.

    professional seeding and aeration

    “We were having problems with our lawn looking patchy so we contacted Danz Green Lawn to take care of the problem.  After just one treatment we already saw our lawn looking greener and fuller, with results that kept improving over time.  We’re happy to have found them and will continue to work with them for our lawn care.” – Phil C

    professional lawn pest control

    Lawn Pest Control

    In maintaining a strong and healthy lawn, our lawn pest control is here to help you get rid of the unwanted intruders that plague your property.  Using high quality products that are safe and effective, our pest control seeks to get rid of everything from weeds to ticks, beetles and mosquitos.  By working with us you’ll not only have a lawn that’s free of these contaminants, but our processes are designed to keep them from returning.

    professional soil enrichment service

    Soil Enrichment

    In caring for your lawn and plants, having healthy soil is an important part of having fuller, consistently stronger growth.  With our soil enrichment, we provide the services that you need to stimulate better plant health, safely introducing the vital nutrients that your soil may be missing.  Providing an assessment of the soil on your property, we are able to customize our services to improve the quality of your lawn with our knowledgeable services.

    “The trees and shrubs on our property were getting unruly and we didn’t have the time or equipment to clean them up. A few months ago a neighbor recommended Danz Green Lawn for regular pruning and trimming and they have been great to work with every time. Our trees look great and we will continue to work with them in the future.” – Jay M

    Contact Us Today

    Whether you’re tired of lawn mowing in Arlington, or you’re looking for a professional opinion on your lawn care, Danz Green Lawn is here to help.  We provide a wide range of lawn services in Arlington, helping your law look its best at all times.  To get started on your healthier grass today, give us a call at the number provided and let our experts show you what our lawn care service in Arlington, TX can do for you.  We are here to schedule your personal consultation or give you an estimate for our affordable services.  Get in touch with us to find out more, and let our experts show you what our Arlington lawn service can do to enhance your property.