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Lawn Pest Control

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No matter where your property is, your lawn is subject to the problems of pests that can affect the health and growth of your grass.  At Danz Green Lawn we have the lawn pest control services that you need to help combat this type of issue with our professional assistance.  Customizing our services to the needs of your individual property, our professionals are dedicate to combatting the issues that commonly plague our area.  From ticks and beetles to weed removal and everything in between, our team is here to help you have a happier, healthier lawn and outdoor areas.

Pest Control
If you have a lawn that’s experiencing issues, our lawn care service is here to help.  One issue that properties throughout our area often face is the presence of unwanted pests that destroy plants, and can affect the overall health of your lawn.  From ticks and fleas to spiders, beetles and mosquitos, our professionals know the best treatments that will get rid of these unwanted insects without damaging the quality of your lawn.  Targeting the issue from the root of the problem, you’ll not only see the elimination of the pests, but our team ensures that they won’t return.

Weed Removal
When it comes to lawns, weeds can be a major issue, taking the necessary nutrients away from your lawn and other foliage.  With our lawn maintenance services, we provide the weed removal that you need to get rid of these unwanted intruders, targeting from their root without causing damage to your lawn.  Our professionals are trained in the best techniques for combating these unwanted plants, ensuring that they’re not only gone after our treatment but that they stay away in the future.  Using professional equipment in combination with our extensive knowledge of lawns and the best products to maintain their care, we will get rid of your weeds helping you to have a healthier lawn.

In providing pest control for your lawn, our lawn maintenance in Arlington, TX is the best service in the area.  We are the full service company that provides lawn pest control services that you can rely on.  With us you’ll see greener grass, with healthier growth and the removal of unwanted intruders.  Whether we’re working on a small lawn in your front yard, or a large expanse of grass on your property, we will make sure that every inch of the space is well cared for.  Our pest removal provides everything from fertilization to weeding - getting rid of funguses, decreasing allergens and preventing the introduction of pests into your home.

Our Team
In selecting Danz Green Lawn for your home or business, you’re investing in the quality of your lawn now and into the future.  Unwanted pests can cause major damages, even resulting in the need to replace your lawn as a whole.  The products we use for pest control are safe and effective, getting rid of pests while keeping your lawn safe for your enjoyment. Our professionals have years of experience caring for lawns throughout our area, knowing how to combine the right products and equipment to deliver an effective pest removal service.  With us, you’ll see your lawn in an improved condition that will keep it looking healthy throughout the year.

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